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A vol. Bibhas Ranjan Majhi "Noncomutativity in near horizon symmetries in gravity", Phys. Skip to main content. Department of Physics. Toggle section links.

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General Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmology. Group Coordinator.

Faculty Members. Postdoctoral Fellow. Ashmita Das. Tapobroto Bhanja. Associated Research Scholars. Past Research Scholars. Past Postdoctoral Fellows. Spectra, which Ghez described as the "rainbow of light" from stars, show the intensity of light and offer important information about the star from which the light travels.

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Spectra also show the composition of the star. These data were combined with measurements Ghez and her team have made over the last 24 years. Spectra -- collected at the W. Keck Observatory in Hawaii using a spectrograph built at UCLA by a team led by colleague James Larkin -- provide the third dimension, revealing the star's motion at a level of precision not previously attained. Images of the star the researchers took at the Keck Observatory provide the two other dimensions.

Larkin's instrument takes light from a star and disperses it, similar to the way raindrops disperse light from the sun to create a rainbow, Ghez said.

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Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Chair in Astrophysics. We asked how gravity behaves near a supermassive black hole and whether Einstein's theory is telling us the full story.

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Seeing stars go through their complete orbit provides the first opportunity to test fundamental physics using the motions of these stars. Ghez's research team was able to see the co-mingling of space and time near the supermassive black hole. For more than two decades, the division has supported Ghez, along with several of the technical elements critical to the research team's discovery.

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The researchers studied photons -- particles of light -- as they traveled from S to Earth. S moves around the black hole at blistering speeds of more than 16 million miles per hour at its closest approach.

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  7. Einstein had reported that in this region close to the black hole, photons have to do extra work. Their wavelength as they leave the star depends not only on how fast the star is moving, but also on how much energy the photons expend to escape the black hole's powerful gravitational field. Near a black hole, gravity is much stronger than on Earth. Ghez was given the opportunity to present partial data last summer, but chose not to so that her team could thoroughly analyze the data first.

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    It's one of four fundamental forces and the one we have tested the least," she said. It's easy to be overconfident and there are many ways to misinterpret the data, many ways that small errors can accumulate into significant mistakes, which is why we did not rush our analysis. Ghez, a recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship, studies more than 3, stars that orbit the supermassive black hole. Hundreds of them are young, she said, in a region where astronomers did not expect to see them.

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    Specific problems studied here include calculating the macroscopic observational effects of the microscopic quantum geometry, and finding quantum states for gravity, which appear like a classical continuum at large scales. For Assistance physics phy. Find Us!