Manual Computers in Railways XII: Computer System Design and Operation in Railways and Other Transit Systems

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SuperFlex is part of the Corex Honeycomb aluminium range, which is also available through the on-line ordering service, Corex Express. This enables customers to order from the off-the-shelf unexpanded range of the most popular sizes and thicknesses, without a manufacturing delay or minimum order value. CPC Tracking premieres its safety and tracking system for railway construction and transport at InnoTrans.

High-quality embedded and ruggedized controllers measure a wide range of data from rolling stock equipment in real time and present these for management. The system has proven its value on large railway construction projects and leading goods transport companies, supporting management in monitoring both own equipment and equipment from sub-suppliers.

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Constant focus on improving safety and optimizing cost is the driver for CPC Tracking in close cooperation with the customers, to continue supporting project management in making decisions based on reliable data. A reliable bogie has been developed with distributed axle box, hollow shaft and hourglass spring for easy maintenance. The locomotive has a single driver cab, wireless remote control shunting system, PZB system, IMS system and has provision for the ETCS system expansion interface, providing new solutions for rescue on the mainline and shunting in the depot.

Used in the contact network of 25 kV electrified railways, the single insulation column-type composite insulator functions as a mechanical connection and electrical insulator between the catenary and the support frame. It has superior pollution flashover performance and light weight, etc.

It can be installed as a vertical or diagonal support, or horizontally to absorb high bending torques and pressure. CYG Insulator Co. China - Dongguan Hall 8. CylusOne, the groundbreaking solution by Cylus Cybersecurity, provides in-depth visibility into the operational networks of railways. It detects malicious activities by applying patent-pending cyber technologies including deep packet inspection, machine learning and signature detection based on proprietary cyber research.

Applying only passive listening methods and without any interference with operational or safety mechanisms, all traffic is mirrored non-intrusively and sent, via encrypted channel, to the Cylus real-time analytics engine on-site. CylusOne promptly detects threats and sends alerts to operators, enriched with automatic attack-chain assessments and effective mitigation instructions, keeping railways safe.

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  7. Cylus Cybersecurity Ltd. Israel - Tel Aviv Hall 6. One of the main advantages of the new DAKO CZ product is that the brake valves are considerably smaller, reducing its weight. The compact design of the system as a whole, with integrated auto-diagnostic control electronics built in, greatly simplifies maintenance of the MEMU.

    The company will present its technological development for intelligent wheel machining at the upcoming InnoTrans fair. The technology developed by DANOBAT reduces cycle time, increases the process reliability and safety and extends the life of the wheels within railway fleets. In addition, the company will avail of this opportunity to share its digital value proposition composed of in-house, technological developments based on industry 4.

    The aim is to advance in the creation of intelligent manufacturing spaces, fitted with interconnected equipment and capable of autonomous operations. Tram tracks are a problem for cyclists. Pedestrians also benefit from it as it is less likely to twist an ankle.

    A track guiding plate restricts the sine curve of the track wheel and thereby increases the lifetime of the rubber profile. The entire construction can be removed at any time and without much work, for example to perform rail work. The groove has a draining channel in order to completely rinse it, so dust and dirt do not build up in the groove. With this, one can eliminate rail breaks in shortest possible time at highest level.

    Transportation - Kontron

    The solution includes IT products and services, such as real-time vehicle location and diagnosis, automatic passenger counting and Wi-Fi offerings. InnoTrans is dedicated to the latest generation of passenger information and innovative methods for safety systems, diagnosis and effective vehicle upgrades.

    At the heart of the new concept is the seamless connectivity between train, station and subsequent connections of local public transportation. The "Green functions of train movement control" app from DB Netz AG provides train drivers on their tablets or cell phones with messages that help them adopt a capacity-neutral, energy-saving and anticipatory driving style. From there the processed travel movement control message is sent directly via push to the locomotive tablet or cell phone with Android operating system.

    From these offers the customer can then register a binding train path on a computer, tablet or smartphone. At InnoTrans , international trade visitors will have the special opportunity to experience a worldwide unique customer experience for regional transportation of the future: the train of ideas.

    DB Regio is exclusively presenting in cooperation with Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft the walk-in model of the double-deck car on Berlin ExpoCenter City. The topics covered range from work through sport and relaxing, from gaming and shopping through to the kids' playground. Everything with the aim of structuring local transportation of the future and taking into account all areas of life, so that customers can no longer imagine a world without the train.

    DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn's digital partner, is showcasing at InnoTrans how objects, such as points, rails or locomotives, can be networked with each other in the internet of things via a digital twin.


    The current behavior of the objects is mapped almost in real time in the application using sensors. AIM Acoustic Infrastructure Monitoring is a universal predictive maintenance solution from DB Systel that detects early on faults with mechanical equipment, such as escalators or elevators, on the basis of acoustic signals. Using AI, vsion. At the InnoTrans , the company will present the model of the new test rig. LUDEK supplies all the temperature ranges necessary for checking the cooling function of an air conditioning system, up to an outside temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

    The test technology is integrated into a mobile foot sea container — which is about 12 meters long and about 2. Thus, if required, the laboratory test stand can also be used directly by customers. Insulated air heaters provide failsafe auxiliary heating for demanding environments. As in railway applications, where they are a powerful alternative to the tubular heaters in common use.

    Computation and Evaluation of Scheduled Waiting Time for Railway Networks

    PTC-based, they can realize voltages of V without exceeding their preset maximum temperature value. The units are IP65 rated, complying with the DIN insulation requirements and are vibration-resistant. By their special design they match up to conventional resistive type heaters and are a perfect heating solution for discerning customers in the railway industry. Samenfink dbk-group. This newly patented quick-connect system for rigid insulation half-shells enables users to significantly reduce assembly time on the part to insulate.

    Standards-Based, Certified Solutions Support Reliable Transportation Systems

    Assembly is effortless and safe for operators, while no specific tool is required. Setting of this quick-connect system on the stainless steel outer skin of insulation products by spot welding or riveting ensure the wholeness of the insulation shells. Removal of the metallic strip is blocked by the ball located inside the attach system. A further bonus: One avoids possible configuration errors made when selecting and dimensioning a suitable backup fuse.

    The new ACI arresters also have much better TOV resistance, this reduces the risk to the system and avoids wasting time and money on repairing unnecessary damage. With an ACI arrester there are no leakage currents which might lead to premature ageing, even in networks with voltage fluctuations.

    source url Germany - Neumarkt i. Hall These are environmentally-friendly lanolin-based industrial lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and anti-seize grease lubes for use in shipbuilding, car production, electronics, agriculture and industrial manufacturing. As a market leader, PROLAN New Zealand uses a specialized process to convert raw wool grease into a range of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly lubricants and corrosion inhibitors that are safe and easy to apply. PROLAN is a fantastic natural product which provides long-lasting corrosion protection for any metal surface; it is resistant to most mineral acids and salts.

    TRIONet - the flexible measurement system for local or distributed measurements. Decentralized measurement tasks are easily managed with intelligent, simple cross-linking and the capability to increase the number of input channels as needed. Unique usability, zero-configuration functionality, gapless data recording guarantees time saving, precise and reliable data acquisition.

    Deckert dewetron. DiGas brings to the market a cost-effective, modular, reliable and safe dual fuel system that can be installed onto a variety of diesel locomotives fast and without any significant adjustments to the engine. The product was successfully installed on a CHME3 locomotive and is undergoing pilot testing in real time environment on the railway track. DiGas Ltd. With more than twenty-five years of experience, Direct Air Flow offers its customers in the rail industry superior products and service.

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