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Review of Two Books on NeuroEconomics

Because he approaches his topic from the viewpoint of the philosophy of science, Ross devotes one chapter to the philosophical theory and terminology on which his argument depends and another to related philosophical issues. Two chapters provide the theoretical background in economics, one covering developments in neoclassical microeconomics and the other treating behavioral and experimental economics and evolutionary game theory. The three chapters at the heart of the argument then apply theses from the philosophy of cognitive science to foundational problems for economic theory.

In these chapters, economists will find a genuinely new way of thinking about the implications of cognitive science for economics, and cognitive scientists will find in economic behavior, a new testing site for the explanations of cognitive science. It offers philosophical reassurance and constructive criticism.

  1. Neuroeconomics: a Guide to the New Science of Making Choices.
  2. Research Publications for Donald A (Don) Ross: University of Waikato.
  3. Medieval Arabic Historiography: Authors as Actors.

Economists and cognitive scientists have been on a random walk towards one another for two decades now. But it took Don Ross's book to reveal the straight line that joins these two disciplines and make out of them a social science with all the mathematical beauty of general equilibrium theory and the empirical content of a behavioral science. I doubt that either an economist or a psychologist could have found the path to this stable equilibrium around which to organize both disciplines. It required someone well versed in both the history of economics and decision theory, a combination that only Ross combines.

ISBN 13: 9780262182652

The result is the most important new work in the philosophy of economics in years! The current state of the art in a number of subdisciplines of cognitive science and economics makes questions of integration and cross-border relations more urgent and difficult than usual.

  • Subjectivity and Selfhood: Investigating the First-Person Perspective (MIT Press).
  • Midbrain Mutiny: the Picoeconomics and Neuroeconomics of Disordered Gambling (Bradford Books).
  • The Cowboys Lullaby (Mills & Boon Cherish).
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  • Economic Theory and Cognitive Science: Microexplanation by Don Ross.
  • Ross's ambitious, wide-ranging, richly detailed, up-to-date, and carefully argued approach to unifying and organizing the behavioral sciences is therefore especially timely. It is a major contribution to our understanding of those sciences, and an important advance in the philosophy of science as well.

    Economists who are uneasy about the foundations of their subject should read this book. See All Customer Reviews.

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    Usually ships within 6 days. Overview In this study, Don Ross explores the relationship of economics to other branches of behavioral science, asking, in the course of his analysis, under what interpretation economics is a sound empirical science. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.


    Related Searches. A proposal for an interdisciplinary, context-sensitive framework for assessing the strength of scientific arguments that Recent years have seen a series of intense, increasingly acrimonious debates over the status and legitimacy of View Product. The interaction of open source and proprietary software and the implications for economic development. Discussions of the economic impact of open source software often generate more heat than light.

    Advocates passionately assert the benefits of open source while critics decry It is so convincing, in large part, because it simultaneously illuminates the very behavioral findings that have led others to doubt the feasibility of such a reduction. This is sure-footed pragmatism and, indeed, scientificunification at its most thrilling!

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    This book is a must read for anyone interested in the science of addiction and addictive gambling and I predict will soon become the standard work for understanding the neuroscientific basis of gambling disorders. In this truly excellent book the authors organize that material, reconcile apparent differences, and make the compelling argument that we are on the verge of a significant breakthrough in treatment of disordered gambling. It shares with substance addictions a concrete consumption pattern and physiological adaptation, and shares with purely emotional impulses the absence of an ingested agent and an allure for people of all levels of sophistication.

    Midbrain Mutiny integrates a wide range of research findings on impulsive motivation in general, and on gambling in particular, to develop a parsimonious model of disordered gambling that can also illuminate many other problem behaviors. The result is a superb platform on which neurophysiologists, imaging researchers, psychologists, economists, and philosophers of mind will be able to meet and connect their findings.

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