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Legend of the Free State of Jones. Lincoln and McClellan at War. Lincoln and the Civil War. Los Angeles in Civil War Days, — My Gettysburg Meditations on History and Place. Perryville This Grand Havoc of Battle. Sherman's Mississippi Campaign. Shiloh In Hell before Night.

The Shiloh Campaign. Memoir of a Cold War Soldier. My Journey at the Nuclear Brink. Sovereign Soldiers How the U.

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American Pendulum Recurring Debates in U. Grand Strategy. Career Diplomacy Life and Work in the U.

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Foreign Service. The Complexity of Modern Asymmetric Warfare. Geopolitics and the Quest for Dominance. Misunderstanding Terrorism. Military for Modern Wars. New Threats to Freedom. Reagan and the World Leadership and National Security, Takedown Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda. Torture and Impunity The U. Doctrine of Coercive Interrogation. What Good Is Grand Strategy? Advocacy Championing Ideas and Influencing Others. Guadalcanal Marine. All This Hell U. There are few surviving objects or dwellings, and aside from important oral histories, there is scant documentation from slaves themselves.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in fact, the field was dominated by Southern historians who gave the institution of slavery a paternalistic veneer.

A visit to Mosby’s Confederacy: Green Garden

It was only in the s that the historian Frederic Bancroft began piecing together the evidence showing just how important the domestic slave trade was. And that meant, to put it mildly, that slave families and owner loyalties were far less secure than previously portrayed. Under the direction of Nichole Green, and with Elaine Nichols as curator, the museum, owned by the City of Charleston, is not a repository for objects, but a place where a narrative history is adroitly and soberly told, mostly on mounted wall panels.

Part of that history is reflected in the building itself. The trans-Atlantic slave trade had been forbidden by Congress in , but that meant that the domestic trade became all the more important. Between and , we learn, more than a million American-born slaves were sold in the South.

In Charleston, they were mainly sold outdoors, near the Old Exchange Building. But eventually there were complaints about crowds obstructing traffic, and, more important, perhaps, as tensions with the North increased, sales of human beings were attracting critical attention. The city banned outdoor slave sales near the Exchange after July 1, It simply chronicles the domestic trade. The transformation of a slave showroom into a slave-trade museum gives a poignant edge to the account, in which an auction of slaves could resemble a sale of used cars.

Hundreds of slaves, it is evident, could be worth more than the plantation they worked on. Spend an hour here, and it starts to seem all the more remarkable that a museum has not undertaken a more ambitious examination of the subject.

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That will be one of the challenges for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, which is scheduled to open in Text Source : The elipses [. What has the Smithsonian put in storage until the Civil War's Sesquicentennial? John Singletom Mosby's waistcoat and hat. Image Source : Smithsonian Institution. Today CWL received this email regarding the film Gods and Generals director's cut theatrical premier.

The email notice came from Esther M. Turner who represents Journey Through Hallowed Ground.

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Doors opens at 2pm p. The director's cut of Gods and Generals will be available the third week of May and in BlueRay format. Labels: Gods and Generals. From the Publisher : The Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg have inspired scrutiny from virtually every angle. Standing out amid the voluminous scholarship, this book is not merely one more narrative history of the events that transpired before, during, and after those three momentous July days in southern Pennsylvania. Rather, it focuses on and analyzes nineteen critical decisions by Union and Confederate commanders that determined the particular ways in which those events unfolded.

Matt Spruill, a retired U. Army colonel who studied and taught at the U. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, contends that, among the many decisions made during any military campaign, a limited number—strategic, operational, tactical, organizational—make the difference, with subsequent decisions and circumstances proceeding from those defining moments.

Mosby's Greenback Raid, Oct., 1864 at Quincey's Siding WV by Jim Surkamp

The battle might have lasted two days or four days instead of three. The orientation of opposing forces might have been different.

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The battle could well have occurred away from Gettysburg rather than around the town. Whether Lee would have emerged the victor and Meade the vanquished remains an open question, but whatever the outcome, it was the particular decision-making delineated here that shaped the campaign that went into the history books. Along with his insightful analysis of the nineteen decisions, Spruill includes a valuable appendix that takes the battlefield visitor to the actual locations where the decisions were made or executed. This guide features excerpts from primary documents that further illuminate the ways in which the commanders saw situations on the ground and made their decisions accordingly.

Matt Spruill is the author of five battlefield guide books, the most recent of which is Summer Thunder , which explores the deployment of artillery throughout the Battle of Gettysburg. He is a former licensed guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park. CWL owns and has used Spruill's guides. There are clearly written, contain accurate information, and are very walking and driving tour friendly.

John Singleton Mosby (1833–1916)

Spurill's Summer Thunder added new considerations to the discussion of the deployment and use of artillery at Gettysburg. The conference will feature noted historians discussing military strategy in the American Civil War. Speakers will also discuss elements of the war that affected military strategy and tactics. As a special treat, the Stonewall Brigade Band will perform during the lunch break.

Robertson, Jr. President McKinley appointed Mosby's daughter May the postmistress in Warrenton, which became very important after her husband Robert Campbell died in August , leaving her to raise her young children alone although her sons John Mosby Campbell and Alexander Spottswood Campbell received many letters and some money from their overseas grandfather, as to a lesser extent did Jack Russell, son of his late sister Lucie.