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Shawn Ashmore and Supermassive game director Tom Heaton join us on our E3 stage to talk about how to hone horror, and the films and games that inspired The Dark Want to start us off? Create a new topic.


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That is, if you don't own them by now. Inspired in part by young activist Greta Thunberg, thousands of people participated in the Climate Strike march in New York, with many other events around the world. If the best measure of success for a comic book film is how well it captures the tone for the central character, then Ryan Reynold's beloved character in Deadpool makes it among the greatest superhero films of all time. In Cauda Venenum is Opeth's most wicked record of the decade, signifying that their earlier evilness is still wonderfully intact.

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Jesse Dayton discusses performing for two members of the Cars, his distaste for genres, and what Merle Haggard told him about the art of singing. Other people, in the hip centers, did.

New York roots rockers Mail the Horse still play with youthful abandon, but "Sweet Red Lies" and other songs on their eponymous LP focus inwardly on the post-party blues. Continuing our celebration of PopMatters' 20th anniversary, we revisit our 10 picks for the best debut albums of It turns out our selections were prescient as many of these artists have gone on to storied careers.


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Man of Medan is aiming for more mature, psychological horror in the vein of an Event Horizon or an In the Mouth of Madness. Verdict Man of Medan lacks the campy charm of Until Dawn, but still offers an unnerving horror adventure with consequences that felt directly linked to my actions.

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Rated "M". Developer Supermassive Games.

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