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Kramer brings together experts from a variety of minority backgrounds and from around the world to give their perspectives on the most pervasive ideology today, globalism. The basic premise is that a developed country is different from a developed community. They need not be mutually exclusive, but neither is it assumed that they are necessarily consonant.

The various essays offer answers to such vital questions as What does it mean to become a 'global citizen'? The process of becoming a mainstream person involves being first marginalized with the implication that something is inadequate about one's self. With the vast human migration currently underway, the notion of assimilation has become a global phenomenon. What is occurring, Kramer and his colleagues demonstrate, is a worldwide shift from the village milieu to the city lifestyle.

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This migration is seen as a polycentric and global phenomenon whereby the promised land is nowhere in particular, but, instead, a way of life and mindset, an urban lifestyle. This process is far more than a simple change in geography. Moving from the village to the cityscape involves a mutation in worldview and self-identity. Additional questions asked throughout the collection are What set of persuasive assumptions are leading the world in this direction?

A provocative collection for scholars, students, and other researchers involved with development studies, multiculturalism, and urbanization. He is a member of the editorial board of various journals and has published extensively. Postmodernists responded to this double horror of excess and vacuity with a canny simulation, speculation, and deflation of values hoping that the art market could turn culture into a subprime derivative and get some hefty short-term gains off it.

Instead of speculating and simulating the market, we can interrupt it, make a lateral move, think slow thoughts, continue making, flying, falling, failing, and fullfilling our urge to respond —however tongue-tied —to the contemporary world. Honestly, there is no cure for existential anxieties, only provisional placebos at the holiday discount; but we can still unfold the space between the two abysses and inhabit it better. Take a moment to interface with yourself in the black mirror of a turned off-screen, take a walk on the blank spots of the google map.

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Artists might be the last peripatetic philosophers who can still discover the lost common grounds and unforeseen solidarities— on and off the shared grid. Off --the tip of your tongue tenses without touching anything. But then reluctantly you let the sound go through. Sometimes there is more mouth than meaning there so Nabokov characterized the kiss of one of his refugee-lovers. Off is the little gift of a preposition co-created by users of language in the past two centuries.

I hear in it the traces of foreign accents--of ouch, ouff, bo, oi, ay. It either describes something too spontaneous off-the cuff, off-handed, off the record or too edgy off the wall , verging on the obscene off color or not in synch with the pace off beat.

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  8. It is extemporaneous and humane. Off-modern should not become ouch-modern or okh-modern , but neither is it quite an ommm-modern, for the modern subject thrives in a certain amount of incurable anxiety.

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    4. We are warned that word play is bad for Internet searches. It requires constant disambiguation. So, off-moderns, beware, everything off-the market price will be advertised to you. But you have the option to turn your computer off and think off-line.

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      And yet, being off is not to be out or anti. Being off is a balancing act and a form of virtuosity. You are never completely off the hook.

      What is Postmodernism?

      You have to exercise a special attentiveness, the vigilance of sense, the virtuality of imagination and engagement in worldly practice, not to be confused with the virtual interfacing in which the main physical relationship is between you and the tender buttons of your powerbook. Off-modern acknowledges the synchopes and the off-beat movements of history that were written out from its dominant versions edited by the victors, who cared little about the dignity of the defeated.

      Off-modern does not suggest a continuous history from antiquity to modernity to postmodernity, and so on. Instead it confronts the breaks in tradition, the gaps of forgetting, loss of common yardsticks, and disorientations that occur in almost every generation. Off-modern reflection does not try to cure longing with belonging and a remake of traditional yardsticks. Rather it produces offspring of thought out of those gaps and crossroads, opening up an alternative way to the intellectual history of modernity.

      Off-Modern Manifesto

      Multitasking with Clouds See also: 1. The Off-Modern Panic Manifesto for 2.

      go here Multitasking with Clouds In Praise of Off Off --the tip of your tongue tenses without touching anything. To be continued