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HSE's Management Standards represent a set of conditions that, if present: demonstrate good practice through a step-by-step risk assessment approach allow assessment of the current situation using pre-existing data, surveys and other techniques promote active discussion and working in partnership with employees and their representatives, to help decide on practical improvements that can be made help simplify risk assessment for work-related stress by: identifying the main risk factors helping employers focus on the underlying causes and their prevention providing a yardstick by which organisations can gauge their performance in tackling the key causes of stress They cover six key areas of work design that, if not properly managed, are associated with poor health, lower productivity and increased accident and sickness absence rates.

The Management Standards are: Demands — this includes issues such as workload, work patterns and the work environment Control — how much say the person has in the way they do their work Support — this includes the encouragement, sponsorship and resources provided by the organisation, line management and colleagues Relationships — this includes promoting positive working to avoid conflict and dealing with unacceptable behaviour Role — whether people understand their role within the organisation and whether the organisation ensures that they do not have conflicting roles Change — how organisational change large or small is managed and communicated in the organisation To effectively implement the Management Standards approach it is essential that you ensure the resource, support and infrastructure for the project is in place in your organisation.

Management Standards workbook The implementation process detailed here is supported by a workbook which provides tips, advice and guidance from people who have gone through the process. Resources Working together to reduce stress at work Tackling work-related stress using the Management Standards Is this page useful? Yes No. While creating a risk management plan, he identifies safety of his employees as one of his main business aims.

HR Basics: Employee Safety and Health

After talking with employees, contractors and clients, he sets his acceptable level of risk for safety procedures to zero. In his internal risk policy, he notes that safety procedures must be upheld at all the times and that no injuries or fatalities are acceptable.

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He makes sure all his stakeholders are aware of this policy. He provides safety training for his employees and explains who is responsible for specific safety risks. Before you create a risk management plan, think about which areas of your business it will refer to.

For example, you might only be interested in hazard-based risks. Some of the internal and external things to think about when creating your plan are:.

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Find out about identifying and assessing risks. Committing to quality risk management can help you create a stable business that prepares for unexpected events.

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  8. Your risk management plan will be more specific and useful if you ask for feedback from the people, businesses or organisations you deal with. Risk criteria set a standard you can use to assess risks to your business. Risks to your business can exist anywhere and it can be hard to predict when they will occur.