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The vertical cylindricalcolumn provides, in a compact form and with the minimum of ground requirements, a large number of separate stages of vaporisationand condensation. For most tray columns, the weir holds a liquidlevel of each tray. In the Figure shows how the tray works. Liquid enters from the down-comer of the tray above. The vapor must overcome this liquid head to move up the column. On the tray the vapor and liquid are contacted becomes bubble or froth where the mass transfer takes place and then above the tray they are separated where froth flows over the outlet weir and vapor with the light volatilecompoundis disengaged.

Tray column performs well in high liquid and vapor loading. Tray have higher pressure drop than packed, and It also have high resistance to corrosion. There are five major types of tray column: 1- Bubble Cap Tray is the most efficient separationdevice but, is also the most costly.

Proper design of liquid distributors plays a key role in getting the most from packings.

It consists of a number of 'Chimneys' or 'Risers' small, short pipes set into the tray , through which the vapour can pass. This forces the gas to 'Bubble' through the liquid flowing across the tray. The liquidlevel on the tray is maintainedbelow the top of the riser to prevent dumping of liquiddown the tower.

This type is used where vapour velocity is not constant and the valves prevent liquidfrom dumping through the holes at times of low gas velocity. This area requires a minimum distance that normally sets the tray spacing. The liquidis required to travel across the deck to the next down-comer 9.

Advantage of trayed column: Packed columns are used for distillation,gas absorption, and liquid-liquid extraction. The gas liquidcontact in packed bed column is continuous, as in a plate column.


The liquidflows down the column over the packing surface and the gas or vapor, counter-currently ,up the column , some gas-absorption column are co-current. The packing can be randomly filled with small objects like Raschig rings or else it can be a specificallydesigned structured packing. Packed beds may also contain catalyst particles or adsorbents such as zeolite pellets, granular activated carbon. Packed column utilize packing to contact between the phases liquid-vapor on the surface. Packed column performs well at low pressure, low liquidand vapor loadingthat make packed column have the most efficient in these terms.

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At high flow parameters the capacity and efficiency can significantly reduce, also in heavy fouling applications and corrosive condition. Packed column has less pressure drop than tray column and it reduce The performance of a packed column is very dependet on the maintenanceof a good liquidand gas distribution throughout the packed bed Packed Column Description In the Figure illustrates a tower with structured packing.

In additionto the packing itself, packed columnsrequire other internals to assure the performance ofthe packing. These internals are:Liquid feed pipes to deliver theSuid to the liquiddistributors,as seen at the top of the tower and at the intermediate distributor. Liquid collectionand mixing as shown below the top bed. Liquiddraw-off sump and pipe as shown below the top bed. Liquid redistributors, as presented between the two beds.

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Vapor feed pipes as shown Packing support plates resting on beams and level-led rings welded to the vessel. Incorrect design or incorrect installationof any of these elements can lead to tower failure. One of the most critical element, and often the culprit of tower failures, is the liquid distributor. Component of a packed column: Packing materials: 1-Ceramic: superior wettability ,corrosion resistance at elevated temperature ,bad strength.

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  • Proper design of liquid distributors plays a key role in getting the most from packings..
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Type of packed column: 1. Random Packed Column: Random packing is packing of specific geometrical shapes which are dumped into the tower and orient themselves randomly. Random packing has more risk than structured packing and less abilityto handle maldistributedliquid. Structured Packed Column : is crimped layers or corrugated sheets which is stacked in the column. Comparison of type of packing: 3.

Grid Packed Column: Is systematically arranged packing use an open- lattice structure. This device is composed of panels that promote mass transfer and enhance entrainment removal. They have high open area, resulting in high capacity, low pressure drop, and high tolerance to fouling. Design proceder: Packed bed process design: There are numerous equationsand correlations that have been publishedin the technicalliterature for predicting the pressure drop of the vapor traveling through a packed bed and for predicting the height equivalentto a theoretical plate HETP.

There are also numerous rules of thumb that have been publishedfor use in the process design of packed beds and which are simpler to use and probablyas accurate as the equationsand correlations. A discussion of all the equations,correlations and rules of thumb would be far beyond the scope of this article. Representation of packed column: Theory: The Ergun equationcan be used to predict the pressure drop along the length of a packed bed given the fluid velocity, the packing size, and the viscosity and density of the fluid.

The Ergun equation,while reliablefor systems on the surface of the earth, is unreliablefor predicting the behaviorof systems in microgravity. Experiments are currently underway aboard the InternationalSpace Station to collect data and developreliable models for on orbit packed bed reactors Calculation of enrichment in packed columns: With plate columns, the vapourleavingan idealplate is richer in the more volatilecomponentthan the vapor entering the plate, by one equilibriumstep.

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As all sections of the packingare physicallythe same, it is assumed that one equilibriumstage is represented by a given height of packing. This is a simple method of representation which has been widely used as a method of design.

Despite this fact, there have been few developments in the theory. Columns 50— mm diameterand packed over heights of 0. Popular Features. New Releases. Description This text discusses important theoretical and practical aspects for calculation, design and operation of packed towers. The methods presented are based on sound physical chemistry and mathematical modelling. Numerous experimental, industrial investigations have confirmed the validity of methods applied. Monroe Environmental is a single source solution for highly durable and efficient Packed Bed Scrubbers.

A Packed Bed Scrubber is a wet scrubber that removes acids, soluble gasses, chemicals, fumes, and odors. Contaminated gas flows through a specially designed packing media that is wetted with recirculated liquid. The liquid solvent absorbs the gas pollutant by physical or chemical means. A blowdown from the tank with makeup water addition removes contaminant products before they precipitate. Packed Bed Wet Scrubber Design. Two-stage Fume Scrubber to remove acids and alkalines from dryer exhaust gas.

Wet Scrubber Features.

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Structured packing is also available. Chemical treatment, including oxidation and neutralization, is available to increase absorption of gaseous pollutants. Corrosion resistant AMCA rated fan on the inlet or outlet side of the scrubber. Corrosion resistant recirculating pumps for scrubber liquid re-circulation. Non-plugging spray nozzles for wetting packing in a wide range of corrosion resistant materials.

Special liquid distributors may also be used.

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Moisture eliminators with chevron, mist pad, or loose fill type designs. Efficient Fume Scrubber Design. To optimize the performance of each unit, Monroe will analyze:. Contaminant solubility Vapor pressures Wash liquid flow rate Liquid to gas ratio Packing chamber height, diameter, and volume Packing media type and size Chemical additives. Non-plugging spray nozzles above bed of loose fill polypropylene packing. Wet Scrubber Configurations. Vertical Packed Tower Scrubber. Vertical Packed Tower Fume Scrubber This vertical assembly is a counter-flow design with contaminated gas flowing upwards and recirculating liquid spraying downward into the packing media.

Gaseous contaminants are absorbed by the liquid due to solubility levels or by chemical reaction. Counter-flow scrubbers have a smaller footprint and can have higher removal efficiency than a Monroe Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber. Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber.