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The area below each step in the graph represents the probability to count a certain number of rescaled renewals; the respective values are indicated by symbols. As the scaling constant c increases see key , p a converges to the analytical, smooth scaling limit, i. Ensemble statistics are based on data from 1 0 7 independent renewal process realizations.

The full analytic behavior is given by Eq. Vertical lines indicate the values of t a used for the plots in Fig. Each point in the graph represents an individual CTRW trajectory. Full symbols represent free CTRW, open symbols are for motion bounded by a box. Plots are numerical evaluations of the convolution integral The behavior is characterized by a double turnover between several power-law regimes as labeled above the graphs; see also Eq. Top: The ensemble measurement starts at a time where internal FLE dynamics have not yet relaxed to equilibrium; i.

Plots graphically represent Eq. It is not necessary to obtain permission to reuse this article or its components as it is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3. This license permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided attribution to the author s and the published article's title, journal citation, and DOI are maintained. Please note that some figures may have been included with permission from other third parties. It is your responsibility to obtain the proper permission from the rights holder directly for these figures.

Open Access. X 4 , — Published 27 February Abstract We discuss a renewal process in which successive events are separated by scale-free waiting time periods. Issue Vol. Authorization Required. Log In. Figure 1 Sample realizations for three different types of renewal processes. Figure 2 Scaling convergence of the aging renewal process.

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Journal: Phys. X Rev. A Phys. B Phys. C Phys. D Phys. E Phys.

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Fluids Phys. Materials Phys. Applied Phys. Beams Phys. ST Accel.

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ST Phys. In writing, I have assumed that the reader is familiar with probability theory at the level of Chung and mathematical statistics at the level of Bickel and Doksum In addition, results from Chapters 2 and 3 of Lehmann are used in a few places. The most relevant aspects of probability theory are reviewed in Chapters 1 and 2 of the present work.

I want to thank the participants at the Conference, especially David Siegmund and Steven Lalley, for helpful suggestions and insightful comments. In particular, Chapter 9 is based on a talk given by Professor Siegmund. I also want to thank Professor Tony Tai for his careful reading of the manuscript and helpful suggestions. Sign in Help View Cart. Manage this Book. Add to my favorites. Recommend to Library.

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RSS Feeds. Title Information. Buy the Print Edition. Author s : Michael Woodroofe. Michael Woodroofe : University of Michigan.

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Keywords: sequential analysis , random walks , nonlinear renewal theory , local limit theorems , significance tests , multiparameter problems , estimation. Return to All Sections. Front Matter. Randomly Stopped Sequences. Random Walks. The Sequential Probability Ratio Test. Nonlinear Renewal Theory. Local Limit Theorems. Open-Ended Tests.