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This year, after five years they are still growing faster.

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I was cutting my first rhubarb while other people's was only about 6". I have two plants in the planter. The first winter I covered them with a piece of fleece fabric. Second winter I put a little straw on them. The last couple years I haven't covered them at all.

I live in Iowa so they do get covered with snow. The plants are bushy and healthy. I will never plant them in the ground again. I decided to try my hand at growing rhubarb this year so I took a 55 gallon plastic drum that we used to use for rain water collection, cut it to about 30" tall, drilled drain holes in the bottom and filled with potting soil. A co-worker gifted me a piece of root from her established plant and I just put it in the new planter and hoped for the best. I will admit that I am not the best at watering it all the time, but we have had a rather wet year so that has helped Thinking of getting another root and using the top half of the barrel that I cut off for a second planter in the future I can't wait until next year where I can start harvesting!

Just acquired a flowering rhubarb plant from a garden at a home that my son and daughter-in-law purchased. What is the best way to transplant it into my yard. Rhubarb is normally transplanted in early spring before growth begins or early fall mid-September through early October. At this point, I guess get it in the ground as soon as you can. Rhubarb does best in fertile, well-drained soils and full sun. Follow above plant care directions. The entire is straggly looking.. Plants are in the open but seem to not even kill weeds or grass around them.

They just aren't producing like they should.

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I even bought new plants because the old ones were not producing well. Do I need to replant somewhere else.. You do not say how old your plant is…but you need to give it about two years tow growing seasons to become established. Old plants become spindly and thin when they are overcrowded; they would need to be divided and replanted whereupon the two-year establishment cycle would start again.

It should get full sun and regular watering. Hi I live in southwest Wyoming at ft - high desert. How well do you think it would perform there? Hard to tell, but try it. If there is any way you can give the plant a southern exposure—even as a single plant outside of your plot—you may be able to increase its sunshine.

If critters are a concern, know that they seldom go after eat it, and it will remain pretty self-contained for 4, 5, or even 6 years before dividing is needed.

What the Heck Is Rhubarb—and What Can You Do With It?

Just prep the soil with rich organic matter. I will be moving from NY to FL and would like to bring my rhubarb plants and understand they won't survive the winter because it doesn't get cold enough. Would the plants survive if I put them in a spare refrigerator in the winter or refrigerate or freeze the roots? Rhubarb does not really do well in Florida. Gardeners trying to grow it in the deep south are advised to treat it like an annual. Buy new crowns, freeze them for 6 weeks, and then plant. You could try your way for the first year and see how your plants do.

Is it necessary to cut off the flower stalk? Hello, My rhubarb plant flower stalks became rather large before I got the chance to cut them. Since they were so big there were many leaf stalks coming off the main flower stalk. Are the stalks from the flower stalk edible? They look just like the regular rhubarb stalks, and I don't like to waste anything, so I was hoping they are also edible and use them like I would regular rhubarb stalks. Thank you. Hi there. Some sources say that the flowering stalk itself is not edible. The flower buds can be eaten when specially prepared, but not the stalk they are attached to, nor the papery covering surrounding the buds, or the leaves along the stem.

I didn't read anything about a 2nd harvest.

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I always take second clippings the first part of September. First cut is typically May. I am in Zone 4. No problems with my bounty.

Proper Preparation Turns This Toxic Plant Into a Healthy Treat

Am I doing wrong by taking a 2nd harvest?? I have been eating the leaf stalks on the flower stalks of rhubarb all my life and have not suffered any ill effects. I'm 70 years old, so if there were a problem I think I would have noticed by now. Some are big and have flower stalks others are very small just starting to get leaves others are bare roots with no stalks oops while digging? Will any of these survive if I plant them now?

She wanted the patch that came with her new house cleared out. If they're better planted in the fall, how do I get them to go dormant and save them over the summer? We're in zone 5b NW CT. I have several rhubarb plants. The rhubarb did not grow in at all.

Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie - The Best Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe

I am wondering if the plants will grow for this season. Last season was also a very dry summer, which may have affected the growth.

So What Exactly IS Rhubarb, Anyway?

If the fire was left to burn over the crowns of the rhubarb, it may have killed the below-ground parts of the plants, too. Rhubarb tends to not be planted too deep in the ground, too. I'm near London, UK. I missed the boat with my newly-purchased small Victoria rhubarb roots with no leaves.

I now know they should have been planted in early spring! Is it OK to plant them now in mid-April? My rhubarb never got ripe.