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The geographical and chronological spread is enormous. The ancient evidence used by the authors is visual as well as written, and the photographs, drawings and plans are sufficiently clear, except for a few illustrations of memorials with inscriptions, which are not very legible.

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Full reference details given in the text rather than as footnotes can sometimes be rather obtrusive. The styles of writing and the language are generally accessible, with the exception perhaps of Sivan on children in the synagogue. Although perhaps less splendid than the price suggests, in general this is a handsome book.

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  7. Grubbs on infant exposure is, for example, not afraid to explore the nasty side of life. Altogether, the volume may be quite a difficult read for those who do not know very much about this area of social history, but it certainly clarifies what is known and what cannot be known of childhood in its various aspects.

    The evidence is of course patchy, given the huge time-span from BC to AD and the cultural diversity of the Mediterranean, and indicates both change and continuity. The problem is to a great extent solved here in the most interesting way: the volume succeeds in making children visible and in giving a fascinating picture of ancient childhood, offering indeed an embarras de richesses.

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    4. The breadth of this volume has scholarly advantages as well. First, the diversity of childhood experiences, roles, and definitions presented in this work challenges sweeping claims often made about the nature of childhood, children, and education.

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      Second, it allows for cross-cultural, historical comparisons that may not necessarily lead to causal understandings of historical change, but can certainly illuminate trends and influences across a broad region and long spans of time. This work also highlights the diversity of source material that is available to study the classical world. Various contributors have mined the rich textual record ranging from literature and poetry to scientific and legal documents in unique and stimulating ways that challenge scholars of childhood in the past to broaden their scope of inquiry.

      A chapter by Lesley Dean-Jones revisits the Corpus Hippocraticum to explore early ideas of pediatric medicine.

      Древняя Греция: Заброшенный Колодец в Афинах "Немые свидетели" Авторский цикл Юлли Улетовой

      Similarly, Sabine Huebner offers a cross-cultural study on adoption and fosterage in the ancient eastern Mediterranean, thoughtfully applying modern concepts to ancient lives. Other scholars turn to the material record and intersect their work with scholarship on childhood that originates outside classical studies, particularly in anthropological archaeology, anthropology, and bioarchaeology.

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